Finding nucleotid and amino acid mutation in features of covid-19

We first retreived all genes and genome of covid-19 downloaded from GISAID an genebenk and separated them to diffrent features as table below.

nsp1(266..805) nsp7(11843..12091) 3'-to-5'-exonuclease(18040..19620) membrane glycoprotein(26523..27191 )
nsp2(806..2719) nsp8(12092..12685) endoRNAse(19621..20658 ) ORF6 protein(27202..27387)
nsp3(2720..8554) nsp9(12686..13024) 2'-O-ribose methyltransferase(20659..21552) ORF7a protein(27394..27759)
nsp4(8555..10054) nsp10(13025..13441) spike glycoprotein (21563..25384) ORF8a protein(27894..28259)
3C-like proteinase(10055..10972) RNA-dependent-RNA-polymerase(rdrp)(13442..13468) ORF3a protein(25393..26220) nucleo capsid(28274..29533)
nsp6(10973..11842) helicase(16237..18039 ) Envelop-protein(26245..26472) ORF10 protein(29558..29674)

As alignment of genes to reference genome we detected all variation. Results can be find here.